creche opening hours

  New creche hours- open afternoons!

New Crèche Sessions

Morning sessions:
Monday- Friday

9am- 10.30am
9.30am- 11am
10am- 11.30am
10.30am- 12pm
11am- 12.30pm
11..30am- 1pm

Afternoon sessions:
Monday- Thursday
4pm- 5.30pm
4.30pm- 6pm
5pm- 6.30pm
5.30pm- 7pm

8.30am- 9.30am
8.30am- 10am
9am- 10.30am
9.30am- 11am
10.30am- 12pm

Friday and Saturday afternoons- closed.


Action Kids Classes


Fizzical Fun for Kids 9mths - 5 years!

Action Kids, now at Action Studios, offers a fun and interactive music & movement class incorporating a strong educational theme so parents can rest assured knowing that their children are learning whilst involved in phsycial fun!

Action Classes:
Musical movement with balls, bean bags, parachute & instruments.

Fizzical Fun Classes:
Musical movement with bean bags, balls, puppets, pom poms, parachute & soft play

Parties & Discos:
With Adele and crew. Theming, fairies, clowns & superheroes available for bookings too! Cyclorama floor, kitchen, bubble machine, disco ball, outside area, BBQ & sound system.


For further information, visit

or call Adele 041 868 2093





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